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  1. What is Resiliencia Costera all about?

    Fifteen coastal municipalities in four provinces of Cuba, Villa Clara, Sancti Spíritus, Ciego de Ávila and Camagüey, will benefit from actions that enhance the resilience of vulnerable coastal settlements, through the transfer of natural solutions for Adaptation to climate change Based on...
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    Justine Marchal posted Information 22 June 2020
  2. Telling the GCCA+ story: new guidelines

    These GCCA+ Communication and Knowledge Management Guidelines are to be read and enjoyed. When dealing with climate change, learning from others, exposure to best practices, fresh information and new winning ideas are fundamental. Communicating Europe’s role as a global player and major aid donor...
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    Former Capacity4dev Member posted Information 11 July 2018
  3. GCCA+ communication guidelines: 2019 edition

    Don’t miss downloading the updated version of the GCCA+ Communication and Knowledge Management Guidelines Don’t reinvent the wheel! Take advantage of the tips you will find in these short guidelines that have been developed for EU-funded GCCA+ programmes. Make sure you use the correct logo, visual...
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    Former Capacity4dev Member posted Information 1 August 2019
  4. Deforestation-free supply chains: a necessary response

    En français ci-dessous en PDF The need to tackle ‘imported deforestation’ explains the growing interest in developing ‘zero-deforestation’ supply chains. The main cause of deforestation is the conversion of forests into agricultural land with monoculture tree plantations. In developing and emerging...
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    Justine Marchal posted Information 12 July 2022
  5. Coastal protection projects opened in Tonga and Marshall Islands

    Coastal protection projects in Tonga and the Republic of Marshall Islands (RMI), aimed to address the progressive effects of coastal erosion and sea level rise, were completed and formally opened o n 13 October and 3 November 2015 respectively . These climate change adaptation interventions are...
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