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  1. GCCA - Global Learning Event - Brussels,12-14 September 2012

    By 2013, the GCCA will be funding over 45 climate programmes (national, regional and global) in more than 35 countries and across 4 regions. As the experience accumulates across the globe from these and other programmes, it is important that the GCCA ensures that lesson learning is an integral part...
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    Former Capacity4dev Member posted Information 11 September 2012
  2. Launch of the GCCA French language website

    Dear colleagues I just wanted to inform you that the French language version of the GCCA website was "published" on the 4th March 2013, and is now available for all to browse and navigate within as a resource to yourselves, government and development partners and other GCCA stakeholders: http://www...
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  3. Briefing session materials on climate financing

    Dear GCCA Community You may not be aware but our colleagues at the ACP Secretariat delivered a series of briefing sessions on climate financing in Brussels. The materials presented are available on the GCCA website at: http://www.gcca.eu/intra-acp/briefing-sessions-on-climate-financing It is also...
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  4. Acting Now for a Resilient Future

    Read this ECHO brochure on getting from Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Risk Reduction to long-term resilience. Natural disasters are forecast to increase, what measures need to be taken by donors and humanitarian organisations? http://www.preventionweb.net/files/globalplatform/entry_bg_paper~...
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  5. Strengthening the GCCA Community

    The GCCA is made up of a wide range of groups and organisations. How can we work better as a team, strengthen our community and continue to share knowledge beyond gatherings like the Global Learning Event or other regional meetings? This presentation offers some suggestions. http://prezi.com/...
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