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Julia Walschebauer posted Information 27 August 2018

It doesn’t get much drier than Atsbi Wenberta. This dusty, remote woreda, or district, in the northern Ethiopian province of Tigray, gets around 600 mm of rain a year. That’s in a good year, and they don’t come along very often.

Aidee Saucedo posted Information 6 August 2018

Over 90 people and hundreds of animals have lost their lives in the recent wildfire disaster in Greece, while many still remain missing. This is the largest fire in over a decade in Greece, and climate change is certainly in part to blame.

Julia Walschebauer posted Information 13 July 2018

A youth magazine written by ‘young people for young people’ has been launched.

Julia Walschebauer posted Information 13 July 2018

 “EU Climate Policy Explained” is a new publication that provides you all the keys to understand the EU’s climate policies. This accessible book is of relevance to students, scholars and policymakers alike.

Julia Walschebauer posted Information 11 July 2018

These GCCA+ Communication and Knowledge Management Guidelines are to be read and enjoyed. When dealing with climate change, learning from others, exposure to best practices, fresh information and new winning ideas are fundamental.

Julia Walschebauer posted Information 6 July 2018

Climate change is no respecter of national boundaries.

Julia Walschebauer posted Information 15 June 2018

For the first time Adaptation Futures 2018, the 5th International Climate Change Adaptation Conference, will be held in Africa.

Julia Walschebauer posted Information 11 June 2018

For the people of the Sahel, daily life is not just a struggle. It’s a fight for survival. Water - or rather the lack of it - defines their very existence. Water to drink, water for livestock, water for crops, water for cooking.