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Open space 10: Creating synergy among GCCA projects between regions and within regions


Creating synergy among GCCA projects between regions and within regions;
14th September 2012

The group agreed that the proposal to enhance linkages and create synergy among GCCA projects within and between regions is a worthwhile objective to pursue within the framework of the first phase of GCCA and also during a possible second phase.

Within the First Phase of GCCA, the following initiatives were proposed:
• Individuals link up to promote joint activities with other GCCA projects as determined by their particular interests.
• The African Climate Change and Development Society (soon to be launched) will highlight the body of evidence being generated by the GCCA projects in Africa; make links to the GCCA website and document the range of climate change activities in African countries.
• The University of the South Pacific GCCA project will undertake specific inter-regional peer-to-peer exchanges between communities working in similar areas (starting in 2013)
• The Secretariat of the Pacific Community GCCA Pacific Small Island States project will reach out to GCCA projects funded by budget support e.g. in Samoa, Solomon Islands and Mauritius to determine their interest in sharing experiences at a regional budget support workshop scheduled for middle 2013.
• Lessons learnt from GCCA First Phase should be shared across regions recognising that political leaders for example, often better appreciate and accept such findings when presented by international partners.
Within the (possible) second phase of the GCCA, the following initiatives were proposed:
• Regional GCCA networks should be developed to exchange information, work together on specific activities such as demonstration projects, use mechanisms such as the sharing of staff, exchanges, virtual fora for practitioners, schools and others to enhance the GCCA body of evidence and good practice. Wherever possible, these activities should build on existing networks in the regions.
• Inter-regional GCCA activities be designed and implemented whereby countries from different regions, but with similar interests/issues, work together to achieve defined climate change objectives. (Inter-regional projects might be encouraged using financial incentives).

To the moderator of this Forum:
Please could you change the title of this open space to :
Creating synergy among GCCA projects between regions and within regions

We had people from the Pacific, Caribbean, Africa and Asia present in our group, and widened the topic beyond SIDS. Thanks, Gillian

Thanks for these very useful and comprehensive inputs, Gillian. Other people who participated in your open space group are welcome to provide extra insights. With regard to the title of this open space, it has been modified as requested.

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12 September 2012

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