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Question and Answer: Can you please advise me on the services that the Intra-ACP GCCA offers?

Dear GCCA,

Please can you clarify this for me.


Soraya Khosravi 


Dear Soraya,

Thank you for your question regarding the services that the Intra-ACP GCCA Programme offers.

Please find the response below, including information on who can apply and how to access such services.

Please contact me should you require further information.

Kind regards.


Information about the Intra-ACP GCCA Programme

The Intra-ACP GCCA Programme has a strong focus on improving the understanding of the effects of climate change and contributing to adaptation and mitigation responses.

Through a dedicated Climate Support Facility (CSF), the Intra-ACP Programme provides services aimed to support ACP national and regional institutions, government agencies, NGOs, CSOs, Universities and the private sector in ACP countries on the design and implementation of climate-relevant policies, strategies or interventions.

The technical assistance should contribute to an ongoing programme or project at the national or regional level. The result should be a tangible step forward in that programme or project.

Expertise is available to help with:

  • Feasibility studies, project identification or formulation
  • Policy development
  • Climate funding requirements and access to funds
  • Technical advice
  • Capacity building, Trainings, Workshops
  • Curriculum development

Training can be on a number of thematic areas including climate change mainstreaming and climate financing.

The technical assistance must relate to one or more of the 5 GCCA priority areas. These priority areas include:

  1. Mainstreaming climate change into poverty reduction and development efforts
  2. Adaptation
  3. Reducing Emission from deforestation and Forest Degradation (REDD)
  4. Enhancing participation in the global carbon market
  5. Disaster Risk Reduction


Who can apply for support?

This support is easy to apply for and open to the public or private sector organisations, NGOs, CSOs, and Universities in an ACP Countries.

How to access the support

  1. You can apply for supporton-line through the GCCA website – look for the “On-line application tool” box at
  2. Alternatively, contact Dr Pendo Maro at the ACP Secretariat on or +32 743 06 07 or +32 495 281 494.

Dear Soraya,

it is great that you have received such a comprehensive answer from Pendo and I hope that it will be of help!

Should you have further questions to ask to the community, it might also be interesting to use the "Peer Support" functionallity of the site.

This is the link:

This function allows your question to be sent to the expert of a specific domain registered on capacity4dev and willing to answer questions. The question is also posted on the relevant topic page so you can reach all the thematic experts and people that might have an answer.

Do not hesitate to use it and to use the contact form if you need support for doing so.

Best regards,


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Soraya Khosravi
19 April 2013

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