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Paris agreement, Diplomacy, Common good and some of the challenges ahead for the implementation of the Paris agreement (@JeffSachs)

The Paris agreement, diplomacy, and the #commongood by @JeffDSachs.  Or thechallenges ahead of the implementation of the Paris agreement

L'accord de Paris et le #biencommun. Par @JeffDSachs . Ou: Les défis de la mise en oeuvre de l' accord de Paris


Thanks very good article.

A good summary of the thin line on which the Paris agreement is based, and the importance of confidence-building:

"A balanced package of obligations and commitments that convinced every country that the others were also acting fairly.."

A good account of a few of the challenges which are lying ahead:

"With the Paris agreement, we are only at the start, not the finish line, of implementing climate safety..  One major question is whether the Republican-led Congress will now drop its opposition to climate action given that China is on board. The United States has the opportunity for a high-tech, low-cost transition to a low-carbon economy. Of course, much of the long-standing congressional opposition is not really about China or the lack of technology knowledge on Capitol Hill, but about political corruption, namely the campaign contributions of Big Oil.

At the end of the day, the most important determinant of success or failure worldwide will indeed not be technical, but moral." 

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15 December 2015

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