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Climate Change Adaptation- the Pacific Way’ video series launched

The European Union Global Climate Change Alliance regional project in the Pacific Small Island States has completed the first four in a series of nine country-specific climate change adaptation videos.

The videos, conceptualised and planned by the country teams, and produced by the Secretariat of the Pacific Community highlight the lessons learnt in nine on-the-ground climate change adaptation projects being implemented in Cook Islands, Federated States of Micronesia, Kiribati, Marshall Islands, Nauru, Niue, Palau, Tonga and Tuvalu.

The first video, entitled ‘Buying time with better coastal management,’ was launched in February this year in Tonga, and highlights the experiences and lessons learnt through a coastal protection project in eastern Tongatapu. The video includes personal accounts of some of the local residents who are benefitting from efforts to advance the coastline seaward by creating optimal conditions for sediment build-up.

Using a similar approach, the video produced in the Cook Islands is a compelling account of the effective management of marine resource in remote communities, highlighting improvements in the quality of information available to pearl farmers and fishers. Also featured is a unique internet training aspect of the project which is enabling senior citizens to use tablet computer to access relevant and timely information on climate change.  

The Kiribati video ‘Responding to climate sensitive health risks in Kiribati’ highlights the lessons learnt as the project enhances the capacity of government staff to monitor and respond to climate sensitive health risks in a more effective manner by providing equipment and training. A key focus of the video is on the use of solar disinfection of water or SODIS by communities. SODIS is an innovative and reliable method for disinfecting contaminated water.  

Finally, the fourth video highlights the lessons learnt in Niue where the GCCA: PSIS project, the Pacific Adaptation to Climate Change Project (PACC) and PACC+ projects have joined efforts to build a rainwater tank manufacturing plant in Niue and supply and install rainwater harvesting tanks to each inhabited household in the island.



You can also view the videos on YouTube.


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Laura Giappichelli
7 April 2015

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