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FISRI Zambia

Farmer Input Support Response Initiative to Rising Prices of Agricultural Commodities in Zambia

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The FISRI project aims to increase food production and mitigate the effects of soaring food and input prices by improving access to agricultural inputs and promotiong conservation agriculture.
The project aims to contribute to greater food security through increased food production and a more sustainable use of environmental resources. More specifically, activities aimed at increasing food production through improved access to agricultural inputs and the promotion of conservation agriculture principles, in order to mitigate the effects of soaring food and input prices.


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A team of oxen draws a plough over the red earth of the Zambian countryside cutting a neat line under the traditional practices of the past that in this village are being replaced by conservation agriculture, benefitting small-scale farmers.

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FAO in Zambia: Conservation agriculture mechanization

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Conventional methods of land preparation and cropping practices can contribute to the degradation of soils and have limited efforts to raise agricultural production beyond subsistence levels in Zambia.

Conservation agriculture key facts

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What is conservation agriculture?

Conservation agriculture is a farming practice of managing agro-ecosystems for improved and sustained productivity, increased profits and food security, while preserving and enhancing the resource base and the environment.

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James McNulty is a Seconded National Expert working with the European Union Delegation to Zambia.


19/07/2009 to 29/12/2011

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EC Development Cooperation Instrument

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Zambia farmers
Zambia Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives
FAO - Zambia

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2009/ 213679

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