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  1. Tackling inequalities through development cooperation

    The EU has a strong commitment to reducing inequality. This has been outlined in numerous policies, texts and agreements, such as the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights , the Treaty of Lisbon and the European consensus on development . Inequality refers to the unequal distribution of goods, resources...
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  2. A New Phase for the Research Facility on Inequalities

    Following the success of the Facility's first phase , AFD and the European Commission have agreed to continue the programme in a second phase: the Extension . Financed with 3 million euros by the Directorate-General for International Partnerships (INTPA), this new phase was officially launched at...
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  3. Inequality in Sub-Saharan Africa: What do we know so far?

    The complexities of inequality include poverty and a weakening of social cohesion. If inequality is to be successfully combatted, an in-depth understanding of these issues is essential. The problem is that stakeholders are still missing key elements to drive effective public policies. Measures of...
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