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Trade and Regional integration

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Developing Europe’s Borders
What does it take to bring together Israel and Palestine, or Armenia and Turkey? Despite geopolitical conflicts, local authorities from these historical foes are among those working together on Cross-Border Cooperation projects as part of the European Neighbourhood Policy. 
Regional Organisations are Crucial to Pacific Island Capacity Development
Under its mandate, the Delegation of the European Union for the Pacific, based in Suva, Fiji, provides bilateral support to 11 small island states and to 15 countries at regional level, plus it manages the cooperation with four overseas countries and territories. Many of these countries and territories are small, remote and scarcely populated, and this presents a range of operational challenges. Developing capacity at regional level is crucial to make projects more sustainable.
Tailoring Trade and Development Policy to Work for the Development of Countries Most in Need
Last week the European Commission presented an agenda to tailor trade and investment policies in favour of countries most in need, while providing new and different support to emerging economies.
Regional Dialogue Helping to Solve a "Capability Trap": The Example of Overloaded Trucks in West Africa
Trucks overloaded with everything from cement to oil through rice and sugar crawl along West Africa’s road network, as the roads beneath their wheels crumble under the strain.