Overall timeline and milestones preparing for the EYD2015?

EYs do not just cover a single year, but form part of a triennial cycle (preparation – implementation – evaluation/follow-up). 

Now that we have received unanimous adoption at the Foreign Affairs Council and European Parliament we can move forward in the preparation cycle and launch the relevant call for tenders and direct grant agreements followed by the related design and implementation cycle of the various EYD2015 activities at all levels, including a communication campaign throughout the year. 

A communication strategy for the EYD2015 has been established. The strategy includes the strategic background and activities with focus on events, online communication, social media and media work which should ensure overall coherence of the Year. The Commission must be able to provide a report to the EU institutions in 2016 on the results of the EYD2015 in relation to its set objectives.


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10 June 2014

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