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The EYD2015 provides a unique opportunity to raise awareness among Europeans about the EU’s development cooperation, to engage with them directly, and to bring them into the global debate around the motto "Our world, our dignity, our future".


Your understanding of European audiences and your involvement as communication experts will be crucial in reaching a broad audience and targeting communication activities at citizens and their information needs. We count on your ideas, active engagement and concrete actions.

Watch this space for weekly updates on progress in preparing for the EYD2015. As we get closer to 2015, alongside the regular updates, we will be using this space to post useful information on the EYD2015 visual identity and communication tools, how to contribute to the EYD2015 website, as well as upcoming EYD2015 events throughout Europe

How you can engage with EuropeAid and with each other through this group

We welcome your ideas and active collaboration to make the EYD2015 a shared success. We are opening this online space to give you the opportunity to engage with EuropeAid and with each other in the preparation and implementation phase of the EYD2015.

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For purely technical support related to Capacity4dev, or if you have lost your password, please do not contact the EYD team. Instead please use the Contact form in the top right corner to get in touch with the Capacity4dev helpdesk, mentioning EYD2015 in the title of your message.


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