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How can we get involved?

What kind of non-financial support can we expect to receive?

How can we get involved?

The EYD2015 must run decentralised actions at all levels therefore we very much welcome the involvement of those stakeholders. Identifying and labelling key events and tools within 2015 that tell the story of development and what we can achieve together to new audiences and platforms at all levels will be crucial mobilising moments. You can contribute by:

«   Identifying 2015 projects with your Member State/Region where EYD2015 could be labelled

«   Use the hashtag #EYD2015 on social media (now and throughout 2015)

There will be academic lectures "Kapucinski development lectures" organised jointly by the European Commission, the United Nations Development Programme and partner universities and development think tanks. These will take place in all 28 Member States in the field of development cooperation to foster direct involvement, critical thinking and active interest and raise awareness.

We are also considering back-to-school and back-to-university activities to bring the topic of development cooperation and a future agenda for sustainable development into classrooms and universities. Youth ambassadors, EYD material, twinning projects between schools/universities in developing countries and in the EU could be envisaged by the Member States/region.

What kind of non-financial support can we expect to receive?

To aid engaged stakeholders in their various EYD activities, there will be a toolkit provided for school and university activities planned in your country and region. This toolkit will entail tools and instruments that will help them in meeting the specific needs for their EYD activities. Tools will include an EYD2015 visual identity and guidelines, promotional material such as an EYD calendar, factsheets, key political messages and a press kit along with interactive online communication via an EYD website and social media account and guidelines, etc.


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