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European Year for Development - Welcome on board!

The European Year for Development 2015

2015 promises to be a special year for development cooperation in the European Union and around the world. It is the target date for achieving the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). It will see ongoing global negotiations culminate in a transformative post-2015 framework for poverty eradication and sustainable development. And we expect the international community to arrive at a new and ambitious climate change agreement, which is bound to impact on development. The European Union believes such a standout year deserves to be marked appropriately. That’s why it has designated 2015  the European Year for Development (EYD2015).

As the first ever European Year dealing with a facet of the EU’s external relations, EYD2015 will provide an unparalleled opportunity to raise awareness among Europeans everywhere about the EU’s development cooperation, engaging them into the global debate around the motto "Our world, our dignity, our future".

Your role

To make the EYD2015 a shared success we want to get our many committed partners and stakeholders involved. Together we stand every chance of reaching out to and drawing in a broad audience. That’s where you come in. Your understanding of your audiences and your key role as communication experts will be crucial in shaping communication activities and approaches that are as close and as relevant as possible to citizens and their information needs. In short, we welcome your ideas, active engagement and concrete actions. Welcome on board!

Working together

This collaborative working space has been set up to accompany our very first enlarged stakeholder event in Brussels on 19 June. We will post information and documents of interest for this networking and brainstorming event.

More than that, however, it has been designed with you in mind, as an open line for communication and a shared space for exchanges, brainstorming and a look ahead at how we can coordinate actions together in the lead-up to the EYD2015 .

We look forward to your input and thoughts. Please make full use of this group's blog, document library and events section for your contributions.

EYD2015 – It's our year!


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