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    Organised byUNEP and FAO
    2021 marks the start of the UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration. The next 10 years are critical for averting climate change and the loss of millions of species and critical ecosystems happening worldwide. The purpose of our initial actions is to raise awareness and invite thousands to join us in the...
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    Organised byNatureherit DC & Knowledge@Terra Classrooms | Institute of Agricultural Science and Technology Information, Shanghai Academy of Agricultural Sciences (SAAS)
    As announced by the UN-FAO, the World Soil Day (5th December) is today to celebrate " Soils: Where Food Begins ". In the global crisis of climate change, food safety-security and social-economic uncertainty, healthy soils are essentially valuable as foundation of healthy food and a better...
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    Organised byInternational Union for Conservation of Nature
    The 5th International Marine Protected Areas Congress (IMPAC5) will bring together ocean conservation professionals to chart a course towards protecting 30% of the global ocean by 2030. IMPAC5 aims to provide an opportunity for the global community of marine conservation managers, practitioners and...
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    Organised byCarnegie Europe and European Partnership for Democracy
    Brussels, Belgium
    Each year the European Democracy Hub —a joint initiative of Carnegie Europe and the European Partnership for Democracy—releases a review of European democracy support policies and initiatives. For further reference, you may find the 2021 edition here . The public launch of the 2022 edition will...
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    Organised byAcademic Network on Global Education & Learning (ANGEL)
    Research presentations on the key topic of teacher education from the convenors and members of ANGEL's first special interest group , or thematic subnetwork of researchers. More details TBC The ANGEL Webinar Series series, created with the needs of members in mind, but open to all, is aimed mainly...
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    Organised byL’Association pour les Nations Unies Belgique (APNU) et le Centre régional d’information des Nations Unies pour l’Europe occidentale (UNRIC)
    Bruxelles, Belgium
    La Terre connaît un dangereux déclin de la nature dû à l’activité humaine. Un million d’espèces animales et végétales sont aujourd’hui menacées d’extinction. La biodiversité est indispensable au maintien d’écosystèmes sains , essentiels pour atteindre les Objectifs de développement durable et...
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    Organised byInternational Idea
    Social media is disrupting democracy, with misinformation and hate speech undermining trust in governments and civil society as well as helping polarise political debates. In response, many citizens are demanding more regulation, from data ownership rights to freedom from surveillance, and...
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    Group: OPSYS
    Organised byEl equipo de OPSYS Change Management (DG INTPA R5)
    Este webinar ha sido reprogramado para febrero de 2023. Fecha por decidir. En este webinar aprenderá cómo informar de los resultados en el Portal de Financiación y Ofertas. Verá demostraciones en los sistemas para encontrar o codificar marcos lógicos, agregar, editar o eliminar resultados, agregar...
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    Project: EBSOMED
    Organised byBUSINESSMED
    Cairo, Egypt
    The Mediterranean basin is one of the most prominent hotspots of climate and environmental change," according to a report by the Union for the Mediterranean. It is the second most impacted area by warming after the Arctic. It accumulates most of the climatic risks and countries bordering the...