How-to guide on producing blogs for evaluation dissemination

A blog provides an accessible and user-friendly format to communicate your evaluation results. You can share findings from the evaluation as a whole, or specific aspects such as key learning, recommendations or experience of using different methods and tools. All of these may incite your audience to read the full report.

The DEVCO/ESS study to understand the different ways in which evaluation results are communicated reveals that 7 out of the 18 institutions consulted use blogs to disseminate their evaluations. Blogs do not require particular preparation in terms of budgeting and planning, but there are some writing principles to respect.

These guidelines provide you with practical tips, examples, and references to additional resources to get you started on evaluation blogs. Click on the document below and let us know how you get on with evaluating your evaluation results through blog posts. 

You may access the document by clicking on the image below.

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Hur Hassnain
last update
20 October 2020

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