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Creative Communications for Evaluation Dissemination

Are you interested in promoting the findings and recommendations of your evaluations in a way that is attractive and communicative? This space is created to help evaluation managers explore different channels that allow you to creatively share key findings with a wider audience. They include infographics, briefs, videos, blogs and podcasts, among others.

A recent study on EU evaluation dissemination practices by the Evaluation Support Service led to a series of practical guidelines, examples and good practices. These have now been summarised in the following interactive report and five separate, downloadable guidelines, for your perusal and inspiration.

Interactive report



How-to Guides on Evaluation Dissemination: 

Through analysing a large number of evaluation dissemination products produced recently and information collated from interviews with relevant institutions, this study produced a series of five “How-to guidelines” on the most frequently used dissemination products (Videos, Infographics, Evaluation Briefs, Podcasts and Blogs) to improve and support evaluation dissemination practice. These How-to-Guides can be accessed by clicking on the following: 





Background of the study: In the first semester of 2020, the Evaluation Support Service of DG DEVCO conducted a study to examine and document the current situation regarding how the knowledge generated from evaluation of the international development and co-operation interventions is being translated and disseminated to a wide variety of stakeholders to ensure ‘evaluations influence change’, in line with DG DEVCO’s Evaluation Policy (Evaluation Matters, 2014). Related to this, the study captures examples of good dissemination practice within DG DEVCO and non-EU institutions such as the Asian Development Bank, African Development Bank, International Fund for Agricultural Development, World Food Programme, Global Environment FacilityGreen Climate Fund, InsighShareUN Women, UNICEF, UNFPA, Y Care International and Oxfam.

A detailed report on the findings of the study and its recommendations is also available on request. Please write to the ESS team to have a copy of the full report.

Further support: Should you need any support in the management of your evaluations, including advice on ways to best disseminate their results, the ESS helpdesk remains at your full disposal and can be reached at helpdesk@evaluationsupport.eu. Please do not hesitate to contact them and share your examples of evaluation dissemination: we would be happy to publish them in this C4D space!



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3 November 2020

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