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The EUWI is based on a participative multi-stakeholder approach. Various strategic partnerships in specific regions draw together government, civil society, private sector and other stakeholders. A number of working groups has been established. Working groups have either a regional focus (e.g. Africa, Mediterranean, EECCA and Latin America) or they concentrate on cross-cutting issues (e.g. Research, Finance). The Coordination Group (CG) ensures coherence of all EUWI activities.

The Multi Stakeholder Forum

  • Is an advisory body and an open forum for debate
  • Members represent water development interests in the focus regions
  • Annual meeting are held at the World Water Week to review the EUWI activities

The Coordination Group

  • Has a limited number of members and represents the broad multi-stakeholder interest in the EUWI.
  • Gives feed back on annual work plans and reports from the Working Groups
  • Chaired by EC, meets twice a year

The Regional Working Groups for Africa, Latin America, EECCA and the Mediterranean.

  • Open to representatives from member states, partner countries and other interested organisations.
  • Responsible for implementing the EUWI mission objectives.
  • Designs work plans and monitoring indicators

Cross-cutting issues

  • Currently separate working groups exist for Finance, Research and Communication exists.
  • Should be addressed within each Regional WG.

The Secretariat

The Secretariat is managed by the EC (it includes the directorates DEV, ENV, RTD, RELEX, JRC and EuropeAid) and

  • Manages communication and prepares meetings
  • Compiles the annual report


Dear Mr.,

I hope you will be fine.

Please allow me some questions because my English is very poor and I can communicate with you better Spanish. I have communicated since we are working on several projects for Ecuador GAD installation and installation of sanitary water discharge of rainwater and wastewater.

The projects of these three Municipalities of Ecuador, are water projects and are urgent because of the added problem of the recent earthquakes. The GED or municipalities have autonomy and are decentralized. It is for this reason that the formal request is made by the mayors of the municipalities, in addition, the State Bank of Ecuador was responsible for water systems. an association called "Senagua" was created. Given the complication that supposed to Ecuador this Central government management, ceded to municipalities to 100%. (Reference is the document that I mentioned and that can be attached to the application).

The projects presented to the Fund of Kuwait but have not yet been answered. My question is if they are bankable and if we can process them as well or to do an application letter again ?.

The projects are:
Water Supply System, Water Purification Station and collection of wastewater / sewerage in the Municiplaity of SANTA ISABEL, ROCAFUERTE and PICHINCHA of Ecuador

If you can accept, I beg your process for the program of the International Cooperation and Development of the European Commission.

They also know if you finance these projects, in addition to the formal request of the municipality, the business plan and financial projection, but we have to present?

For Paraguay can also finance water projects for municipalities?

Thank you. Best wishes and happy weekend

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