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From 5th to 7th March the Bulgarian capital Soa hosted the annual Forum and Exhibitions ‘Energy Eciency & Renewable Energy’ (EE & RE), ‘Save the Planet’ (waste management and recycling), ‘Smart Cities’ (intelligent buildings, lighting, energy storage, ICT and mobility) and ‘LiftBalkans’ (elevators and escalators). Keeping the pace with the global challenges, the organizer Via Expo has constantly expanded the scope of the event. The 2014 edition presented concrete solutions for energy independence and savings; intelligent buildings and transport; resource eciency by waste utilization - a “golden thread” that connects the economy and its sustainable development, making the business and community more environment-friendly. No doubt, these topics will be among the strategic priorities for the South-East European countries in the next years.

The aim of the event is to popularize new projects, policies and practices, as well as to transfer up-to date green technologies to the Region. Strong international presence, great communication networks and parallel initiatives approved it as one of the prominent events gathering local and foreign suppliers, buyers, experts and also state administration representatives.

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30 May 2014

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