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EUWI annual Report 2012

The First Ten Years of the European Union Water Initiative 2002 - 2012

The European Union Water Initiative (EUWI) was launched as a political process in 2002 in Johannesburg at the World Summit on Sustainable Development and the following provides an account of its functioning and achievements.

It was created as a strategic multistakeholder partnership involving governments, intergovernmental organisations, the private sector and civil society and was developed through regional components in Africa, Mediterranean, Central Europe, Caucasus and Central Asia (EECCA) and Latin America, together with cross cutting components on Finance and Research. With a horizon to 2015, the EUWI aimed to accelerate progress toward achievement of the water-related MDGs within an IWRM approach contributing to sustainable development.

This document explains its origins and early history, its structure and operational methods, working through its early successes and then deals with each of the components in turn, starting with the regional elements, and then the cross cutting ones. It provides information on the successes, which are many, of the EUWI including the results of the EU-ACP Water Facility, and the many outputs of the Working Groups at both practical and political levels.

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Celine Dondeynaz
10 August 2012

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