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  1. Implementation of the new Gender Action Plan for 2016-20!

    The new Gender Action Plan for 2016-20 (GAP II) establishes gender analysis as mandatory for all new actions ( GAP II and GAP Guidance Note in Annex). Delegations are expected to have carried it out by mid-2016. A team of experts is available to assist EU Delegations with preparation of ToR for...
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  2. EUWI Newsletter WaterWorld. n.5 - DEC 2015

    Find a review of the most important initiatives of 2015 in EUWI annually newsletter. In this issue you can find the following information: The European Commission at the 7th World Water Forum; The European Union at the Annual Stockholm World Water Week; More than Water: communicating the EU’s...
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  3. Public group: Environment in the EU's Eastern neighbours

    For more information and updates on the EUWI EECCA project join the Public group: Environment in the EU's Eastern neighbours . On this page you can find all the last publications of EUWI EECCA and the calendar for the next meetings and events.
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  4. EUWI Multi-stakeholder Forum

    The EUWI Multi-Stakeholder Forum 2015 was held during the World Water Week, in Stockholm last August. The meeting was cohosted by the European Commission, represented by Ms. Marta Moren Abat and Mr. Andre Liebaert , and SIWI, represented by Ms. Marianne Kjellen. The meeting focused on the need to...
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  5. Report: EU Water Initiative Multi-Stakeholder Forum 2014

    The EUWI Multi-Stakeholder Forum (MSF) focused on the main results of the different components of the initiative, and the priorities for next year. The meeting was co-hosted by the European Commission - Ms. Marta Moren Abat, DG Environment, and Mr. Andre Liebaert, DG Development and Cooperation –...
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  6. SUNDAY 31 AUGUST 2014: EUWI Multi-stakeholder Forum in Stockholm

    Dear EUWI colleagues, We would like to bring to your attention that the annual EUWI Multi-stakeholder Forum 2014 is planned to take place on Sunday 31 August 2014 in Stockholm. This year, we have been allocated the Sunday afternoon, before the official opening of World Water Week, and we hope that...
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