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40 top experts now confirmed to present waste management strategies in Sofia next April 2011

Save the Planet

Prognos AG, WtERT, Canadian Energy-from-Waste Coalition, Mokesa AG, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Columbia University, and more gear up for Waste-to-energy Development in South-East Europe

40 top experts now confirmed to present waste management strategies in Sofia next April 2011.

By Via Expo – organizer of international events

Sofia, December 8, 2010

With four months to go, top companies are now preparing to share their waste management strategies at the annual South East European Conference & Exhibition on Waste Management SAVE the PLANETin Sofia on April 13-15.

“The view on waste is partly still driven by the negative image. The main question until now was how to get rid of it. But most of the waste fractions have a high material or energy value and thus could contribute to resource, environment and climate protection. What does this “resource and energy” hold for Europe? What is the potential that can be used and what is the share already used today? Do we have an effective infrastructure to link waste with resource management? What are the main challenges of future development? “. Bärbel Birnstengel from Prognos AG will answer these questions. The event offers a forum for corporate leaders to exchange ideas on how companies and local governments can best address the waste management issues in the Region of SEE.

Senior sustainability experts from Environmental Ambassadors, Geesinknorba, Ifo Institute for Economic Research, Waste-to-Energy Research and Technology Council, Canadian Energy-from-Waste Coalition, and many others have confirmed to present case studies on their waste management and w2e strategies at this premier networking event in South East Europe for environmental management.

John P. Foden – president of Canadian Energy-from-Waste Coalition will speak about what's working and what's stalled - and why.  Attendees will come away with a full and complete list of the “Lessons Learned” in getting w2e projects approved - from managing any controversial issues that may arise, to dealing with complex political dynamics, to the formulation of regulatory approvals, to communicating with local communities and interest groups.

South East European Conference & Exhibition on Waste Management is the must-attend event for those charged with developing environmental strategies and their advisers - state administration, municipality representatives, managers and experts in the sectors of waste management and recycling, ecology, construction, engineering services, chemical industry, finance, etc. You can see the topics to be covered at this event here.    .

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Via Expo provides high quality, interactive events specialized in several areas: Renewables, Energy Efficiency, Waste Management, Waste-to-energy, Recycling, Organic products, etc. South East European Conference & Exhibition on Waste Management brings together companies, regulators and other experts to discuss how companies can best reduce their overall carbon emissions. Parallel to it the 7th South-East European Congress and Exhibition for Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy will be held.

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13 December 2010

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