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Margherita Sofia Zambelli posted Information 20 July 2016

The new Gender Action Plan for 2016-20 (GAP II) establishes gender analysis as mandatory for all new actions ( GAP II and GAP Guidance Note in Annex).

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Since 2002, the EUEI has been actively involved in creating, developing, facilitating and supporting:

Angelika Wasielke created a new WIKI page 30 June 2016

Opening of the first financing round of Power Africa in Zambia

5 June 2014 to 6 June 2014
Bea Gonzalez posted Information 16 October 2012

CSP Today have announced a complimentary webinar in association with the CSP Today Global Tracker: A journey through Global CSP: Tracking data on projects and markets in 2012

This webinar will take place on Wednesday 24 October at 8.00AM (PST) / 4.00PM (UK) 

Bea Gonzalez posted Information 12 February 2014

A recent CSP Today webinar on the investment criteria for the emerging concentrated solar power industry in Saudi is now available for viewing.

Bea Gonzalez posted Information 8 January 2014

In December 2013, Phoenix Solar and Mustakbal Clean Tech signed an agreement for the contract of a 1MW PV plant for the Ma’an Development Company. This is the first-utility-scale project confirmed to go ahead in the country.

Bea Gonzalez posted Information 13 March 2013

In just over a week, utilities, investors, system manufacturers and suppliers will be meeting at CPV International (21-22 March, Madrid) 2013.   The event will not only demonstrate CPV’s competitiveness in new markets, but also the added benefits of CPV plants to the local economy; particularly i

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EUEI Bulletin

Selected news and information on European Energy Development Cooperation

No. 5 | October 2016