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A review focusing on least developed countries and Sub-saharan Africa

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Sustainable Energy For All

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The Monthly Report for March 2017, issued by the SAPP, informs about past meetings, workshops and conferences, and about its systems´operations and electricity trading. It furthermore updates the reade on SAPP projects and upcoming events.

Bea Gonzalez posted Information 17 April 2013

This week, ClearSky Advisors predicted that there will be 2.2GW of installed PV capacity in Chile by 2017. Whilst this is a more conservative prediction than we have seen from other analysts, it takes into account the current grid issues which may seriously hinder PV’s growth potential.

Bea Gonzalez posted Information 22 April 2013

For the concentrated solar power industry, the MENA region represents a key pocket of opportunity.  But understanding and explaining the CSP proposition is also a challenge that needs to be tackled.

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About EUEI

Bea Gonzalez posted Information 21 January 2013

As India’s National Solar Mission takes a back seat for concentrated solar power projects, regional opportunities have sprung to the fore – and Gujarat intends to capitalize.

From5 October 2016
in Brussels (Belgium)
Organised byEUEI

The next EUEI Advisory Board Meeting will take place on Wednesday 05 October
2016 in the European Commission premises in Brussels.

The meeting allows the EUEI group to prepare and agree upon common EU
contributions to the COP22 deliverables as well as to exchange and update all
partners on the state of play and further steps on AREI and SE4All.

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 European Union Energy Initiative (EUEI)