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Shams 1 site visit announced for MENASOL 2014

Attendees of MENASOL 2014 (6-7th May, Dubai) will be given the opportunity to visit the 100MW Shams 1 power plant in Abu Dhabi, the largest parabolic trough power plant in the world. Shams 1 is the Middle East’s largest and only operational CSP power plant and one of the largest in the world. With...
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MENASOL 2014 (Middle East & North Africa Conference & Expo)

06 May
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If you want to win projects and become a CSP or PV leader in the solar industry’s most exciting and lucrative market then CSP Today’s 6th annual MENASOL conference is the solar event of 2014 that you cannot miss!
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Etrion announces PPA in Chile and participation at PV insider LATAM

Last week, Swiss PV developer Etrion announced that a PPA had been signed with Aguas Blancas a mine in northern Chile for 8.8MW of power. With Etrion looking to international financial institutions for funding, financing from commercial banks is yet to appear for PV in Chile. The park which is...
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Balance of Systems components costs in USA still higher than Germany

At a recent PV Insider webinar on reducing costs in the balance of systems in the USA it was revealed that the world’s second largest utility-scale PV market continues to suffer from higher prices for key components compared to Germany, in spite of much larger growth in utility-scale PV. These...
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Mexico making waves in PV in Latin America

The 30MW Martifer Solar Aura PV plant will be completed in August, making Mexico a potential rival to Chile’s dominance of the PV market in Latin America. The Aura plant, being developed by Martifer solar and Gauss Energía, will be providing power to Mexico’s national utility, the Comisión Federal...
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CPV viability key industry focus after positive spell

Recent project announcements utilising concentrated photovoltaic technology show industry is tackling long-term feasibility questions. Two major announcements marked a positive week for the concentrated photovoltaic industry last week, with SunPower LCPV technology selected for Apple’s 20MW Reno...
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RustMo1 site visit announced for PV Project Development Africa in August

Attendees of PV Project Development Africa (27-28 August, Johannesburg) will be given a unique opportunity to visit the 7MW RustMo1 Solar Farm which has been awarded approved bidder status in Round I of South Africa’s REIPPP tender. The RustMo1 photovoltaic plant is set to come online in November...
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4th Utility Scale PV Plant Optimisation

25 Sep
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.... Increase efficiency, improve data management and implement cost-effective O&M strategies to boost your PV plant profitability In spite of huge growth in 2012, utility scale solar is not yet seen to be competitive outside of subsidies. With some states coming very close to fulfilling their...
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