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4th Utility Scale PV Plant Optimisation

25 Sep
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.... Increase efficiency, improve data management and implement cost-effective O&M strategies to boost your PV plant profitability In spite of huge growth in 2012, utility scale solar is not yet seen to be competitive outside of subsidies. With some states coming very close to fulfilling their...
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CPV’s biggest questions to be tackled at CPV USA 2012

Macro questions facing the concentrated photovoltaic industry are set to be addressed by leading system developers at CPV USA 2012 (15-16 October, San Jose). 2012 has been marked by industry progress through difficult times, as CPV companies diversify and expand their reach into high DNI markets. A...
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Docter Optics to address key CPV optics questions at CPV USA 2012

PV Insider are delighted to announce that Docter Optics will discuss the role optics can play in the future of the concentrated photovoltaic industry at CPV USA 2012 (15-16 October, San Jose). Docter Optics supplies global CPV companies with ready molded (no machining required) optical glass...
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Optimizing PV plants route to success as US forecasts record breaking year

With PV installations in the United States forecast to set new records in 2012, attention is turning towards the optimization of plant performance as the industry prepares to meet at the 3rd Utility Scale PV Plant Optimization Summit USA (17-18 October, San Jose). Recent figures on the US PV market...
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CPV and storage solutions to be discussed at CPV USA 2012

At CPV USA 2012, Innovation Core SEI (a U.S. subsidiary of Sumitomo Electric Industries) will discuss the potential for Concentrated Photovoltaic technology to work with storage and EMS integrated systems. In July, Sumitomo Electric Industries commenced operation of a megawatt-class electric power...
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Optimizing PV Operations & Maintenance crucial to reducing LCOE in the US

The solar PV industry in the United States is expected to install 2.86GW of photovoltaic systems by the end of 2012. As the project pipeline continues to grow, and as more plants come online, experts predict that operations and maintenance will play an increasing role in reducing the Levelized Cost...
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Balance of Systems components costs in USA still higher than Germany

At a recent PV Insider webinar on reducing costs in the balance of systems in the USA it was revealed that the world’s second largest utility-scale PV market continues to suffer from higher prices for key components compared to Germany, in spite of much larger growth in utility-scale PV. These...
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Etrion announces PPA in Chile and participation at PV insider LATAM

Last week, Swiss PV developer Etrion announced that a PPA had been signed with Aguas Blancas a mine in northern Chile for 8.8MW of power. With Etrion looking to international financial institutions for funding, financing from commercial banks is yet to appear for PV in Chile. The park which is...
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CPV viability key industry focus after positive spell

Recent project announcements utilising concentrated photovoltaic technology show industry is tackling long-term feasibility questions. Two major announcements marked a positive week for the concentrated photovoltaic industry last week, with SunPower LCPV technology selected for Apple’s 20MW Reno...
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