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What Future awaits the Energy Systems in Europe and the World in the Year 2040 and beyond?

13 July 2016,
10:00 to 12:00

Energy systems worldwide are undergoing a phase of fundamental transformation. Key questions on the agenda of decision-makers from business and politics are: What are the most important drivers, actors and dynamics that will shape future developments in the energy sector? How will developments in society change the way we generate and use energy, and how will – vice versa – new energy technologies impact society? What is certain is that these energy transformations will affect society as a whole.

Therefore, sector-specific analyses only and mere statistical trend updates are not sufficient in scope to genuinely examine the future of fast-changing energy systems and its consequences. The Delphi Energy Future 2040, implemented by the BDEW German Association of Energy and Water Industries, Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) and PwC, aims at broadening the debate on adapting or redesigning energy systems that so far has mostly been focused on technical and policy aspects.

Based on 80 in-depth interviews and on surveys with over 350 experts from 40 countries and all areas of society, the study envisions the future energy landscape and provides food-for-thought on how the energy systems in Europe, but also worldwide, can be adapted to meet future challenges. The goal is to go beyond national and sectoral parameters that currently dominate the debate and take a comprehensive look at the energy systems of the future.



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Delphi Energy Future, German Association of Energy and Water Industries, GIZ, PwC

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