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CPV viability key industry focus after positive spell

Recent project announcements utilising concentrated photovoltaic technology show industry is tackling long-term feasibility questions.

Two major announcements marked a positive week for the concentrated photovoltaic industry last week, with SunPower LCPV technology selected for Apple’s 20MW Reno facility and the Mildura plant in Australia, using Solar Systems technology, connected to the grid.

Much of the emphasis for CPV companies of late has been on proving the viability of the technology through either product development or business strategy.

In PV Insider’s recent guide ‘The Current Status of CPV 2013’, Paula Mints of SPV Market Research explained that “CPV manufacturers must compete in what could be termed a hostile market with inexpensive c-Si systems that, when tracked, come close to the commercial efficiency of CPV systems.”

Last month Vahan Garboushian, CTO and Founder of Amonix, was clear during a PV Insider webinar that supply chain development was a crucial factor in the industry’s next steps.

At CPV USA 2013 (23-24 September, San Jose), the industry will meet to discuss viability.  CPV developers Soitec, Amonix, Solaria, SunPower, Solar Systems, Abengoa Solar, Cogenra, REhnu, RayGen and more will be discussing the technology’s viability.

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Matt Carr

PV Insider 

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Bea Gonzalez
23 July 2013

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