Project: Improving capacities to eliminate and prevent recurrence of obsolete pesticides (2011-2016)

What is this project about?

The project (2012-2016, 7 million EUR) is contributing to protection of the environment and public health in ENPI East region and Central Asia, through reducing the risk posed by hazardous waste and strengthening the life cycle management of chemicals in the region, placing specific emphasis on pesticides as a model group of hazardous chemicals. It is implemented by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations.

With the support of the project, comprehensive inventories of obsolete stocks will be developed and emergency safeguarding operations will be completed at high risk sites, followed by disposal of the safeguarded stocks.

The project will contribute to assessing and recommending improvements for the legislative and regulatory framework for pesticides and the development of national awareness campaigns on reducing risks of exposure to pesticides and promoting alternatives to pesticides. It will contribute to awareness among decision-makers and the public of the risks associated with obsolete pesticides and hazardous chemicals, and the need to take action, including the costs, in both human and economic terms, of non-action;

The project will also carry out a survey of pesticides and waste management capacity in the region, with the aim of identifying regional disposal options.

It will strengthen knowledge in the countries and the region about the extent of the problems and it will develop capacity and expertise to carry out risk assessments, and so to strategically prioritise remediation of polluted sites, safe storage and destruction of hazardous chemicals.

In addition it will enhance cross-regional exchange of expertise and experience.

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