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From7 February 2017
in Minsk (Belarus)
Organised byUNIDO

Final National Conference of the Resource Efficient and Cleaner Production
(RECP)Demonstraion component in Belarus underthe "Greening Economies in the
Eastern Neighbourhood"(EaP GREEN) programme funded by the European Union

From2 February 2017
in Chisinau (Moldova)
Organised byUNIDO

Final National Conference of UNIDO Resrouce Efficient and Cleaner Production
(RECP) Demonstration Component under Greening Economies in the European
Union's Eastern Partnership Countries (EaP GREEN) Programme financed by the
European Union will be organized in  Chisinau, Moldova as one of six
national conferences organized in each of six countries of the EaP region to
bring results of RECP implementation to support SMEs in selected sectors.

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The incrEAST newsletter provides up-to-date information about science, technology and innovation (STI) cooperation, and research policy dialogue between the EU and the countries in the Eastern Partnership Region

From26 November 2015
in Chisinau (Moldova)
Organised byEnvironment Protection of International Rivers Basins

*This Technical Information Workshop aims to*

·*/Bring together relevant experts and representatives/* from Moldova,
Ukraine and Romania, the EPIRB Project and if possible from the ICPDR
Secretariat to share and discuss the three national Prut River Basin
Management Plans.

oIn the above context, MD and UA will present their national Prut RBMPs,
which have been developed in the frame of the EPIRB Project to inform all
involved including Romania.

oRO to  present their RBMP 2015 of the Prut and  compare and discuss all
three RBMPs.

·*/Identify overlaps, similarities and also differences/* between the three
national Prut RBMPs;

·*/Discuss the need and potential of harmonisation /*of  the three RBMPs
including all assessments and their relatedresults;

·*/In the above context, /*collect views of the particpating representatives
making use of break-out groups and outline practical cooperation steps that
would be needed for  harmonation of the three RBMPs;

·*/Discuss current shortcomings and key challenges /*regarding the national
Prut RBMPs specifically those for MD / UA and discuss steps towards further
analysis and improvement;

·*/Present the key findings of the international Danube River Basins
Management Plan/*, outline the conributions of MD and UA  and highlight
remaining information gaps;

·*/Discuss next steps /*in the frame of the Prut Working Group and determine
key aims towards improvments of the MD and UA Prut RBMP as well as
cooperation to harmonise these Plans with the RO Prut RBMP;

·Come up with */conclusions and a rough road map/* */for 2016/*;

From24 November 2015
in Chisinau (Moldova)
Organised byEnvironment Protection of International Rivers Basins

Training for understanding the process of the Ecological Status
Classification Exercise using the JFS biological teams in each beneficiary
country for being autonomous in selecting the points for monitoring, in
preparing for the fieldworks, in determination the fauna, in doing the
metrics calculations.

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Download in English and in

Elina Comment uploaded a new Document 12 October 2015

This document was prepared for UNECE within the framework of EECCA component of the EUWI National Policy Dialogue on IWRM in Armenia.