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Project: Forest Law Enforcement and Governance (FLEG) (2008-2016)

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Delia Leonte5 November 2014

What is this project about?

In 2005, representatives of 44 governments signed the Saint Petersburg Europe and North Asia Forest Law Enforcement and Governance Ministerial Declaration (ENA FLEG Ministerial Declaration), committing to address illegal logging and improve forest governance. Momentum towards strengthening forest law enforcement and governance in the ENP region grew when, in 2008, the European Commission (EC), the World Bank (WB), the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) and the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) teamed up to implement the first ENPI (European Neighbourhood and Partnership Instrument)  FLEG programme (2008-2012, 6 million EUR).

The ENPI Forest Law Enforcement and Governance II (FLEG II) programme (2012-2016, 9 million EUR) builds on the first ENPI FLEG I programme to support good forest governance, sustainable forest management and forest protection in the ENPI East region. In particular, the programme supports participating countries to:

  • Continue the implementation of the 2005 ENA FLEG Ministerial Declaration and up-scaling of successes of the ENPI East FLEG I project.
  • Formulate and implement sustainable forest policies, including legal and administrative reforms for sustainable forest management.
  • Demonstrate the best sustainable forest management practices in targeted areas, for further replication.

Key challenges that have already been addressed by the FLEG programme include the increased demand for forest products; public expectations for greater transparency of supply chains, exemplified by increased area of certified forest; demand for wood-based biofuels; valuation of forest products including ecosystem services; changes in forest ownership and access rights generally from the state in favour of individuals and communities; and changes in national forest policies to encompass a broader range of interests than traditional forestry.



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