Tools and Methods Series: Strengthening education systems to provide learning for all

EU Tools and Methods Reference Document "Strengthening education systems to provide learning for" is now published and is available for the use of all education and development practitioners. 

This Reference Document includes a wealth of information: The overview (part 1) describes global and EU policy commitments to education, including an introduction to education systems and EU engagement and contribution to development in the sector. The second part provides a set of concise practical guidance notes on different topics that are relevant to programme design and implementation in education sector. Each note includes a summary of the subject, practical ideas on how the EU engages and provides support, case studies on good practice from the EU programmes, references and links to further reading. These notes can be downloaded individually.  

Additional practical guidance notes covering new topics will be added in the future as relevant.

Part 1

Tools and Methods Series: Strengthening education systems to provide learning for all

Part 2: Practical Guidance Notes

Practical Guidance Notes: 1. Education Sector Analysis

Practical Guidance Notes: 2. Education Budgeting And Financial Management

Practical Guidance Notes: 3. Monitoring Results In Education

Practical Guidance Notes: 4. Capacity Development For Education System Strengthening

Practical Guidance Notes: 5. Sector Coordination And Policy Dialogue

Practical Guidance Notes: 6. Leave No One Behind

Practical Guidance Notes: 7. Education In Emergencies And Protracted Crises

Practical Guidance Notes: 8. Gender Equality In Education

Practical Guidance Notes: 9. Stopping School Related Gender-based Violence

Practical Guidance Notes: 10. Teacher Policy And Management

Practical Guidance Notes: 11. Learning Assessment

Practical Guidance Notes: 12. Mainstreaming Digital Technology In Eu Support To Education

Practical Guidance Notes: 13. Early Childhood Education

Practical Guidance Notes: 14. The Contribution Of Higher Education To Development



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16 July 2021

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