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  1. Eric Postel: Domestic Revenue Mobilisation for Education

    Eric Postel, Assistant Administrator at USAID, outlines why it is so important developing countries continue to increase spending on education in domestic budgets. He also explains two projects supported by USAID designed to prevent children being made to choose between going to school and...
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  2. Libuše Soukupová, Education in Bangladesh

    Libuše Soukupová, head of human and social development in the EU delegation to Bangladesh, explains how employers in the slums are being encouraged to send young workers to school. She also describes Bangladesh... "This is a country of 170 million people in an area of Benelux so you can imagine the...
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  3. 6 Bricks - Using LEGO in Schools

    LEGO education agent Brent Hutcheson explains 6 Bricks – a plan to send six different coloured DUPLO bricks (twice as big as a standard LEGO brick) to classrooms around the world as an aid for teaching pre-numeracy and pre-literacy skills. More information on 6 Bricks is available here .
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  4. Education - A Key Driver for Development

    Reactions to the Kapuscinski Development Lecture by Julia Gillard, Chair of the Board of Directors, Global Partnership for Education. Brussels, 11 February 2015 "While great progress has been made, it is a sad fact that 15 years after the UN Millennium Development Goals for education were...
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