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Global Report on Out-of-School Children, 2015

"Fixing the Broken Promise of Education for All - Findings from the Global Initiative on Out-of-School Children" is a report produced by the UNESCO Institute for Statistics and UNICEF. It explores why global progress has stalled since the early 2000s, when millions of additional children poured into the world’s classrooms, and provides the data and analysis needed to move forward and reach every child excluded from education.


A very thorough report worth reading. 

Two thoughts come to mind regarding child labor as a barrier to school attendace.

  1. A child needs education on many aspects/technologies of "a dignified life" in addition to literacy. Namelly how to use the tools that may come his/her way - a water pump, a tap, a latrine, an irrigation system, etc... skills that for many rural children will define their life stance. Especially those in rural areas. These skills, and other vocational education topics, may be valuable to their parents and a tool to convince them that a child in school will be "more valuable" than a child out of school as she will be learning more "directly applicable skills" than just literacy. Literacy alone is hard to understand for a rural parent. 
  2. Adult education on these same aspects/technologies of a "dignified life", including skills that will enhance the adult's productivity and professional capabilities, (vocational education) are valuable investments and will release the child's productivity time in favor of school time.

Perhaps in a similar manner as the NRC (Norwegian Refugee Council) has expanded into vocational education, I believe more such programs can be tested in the field for a more immediate impact on the whole family nucleus in favour of education and as a deterrent to child labor.

I believe that education has to move out of the classroom and out of the "school age" paradigm and into society at large, especifically in countries such as the ones targeted in this report.

Any thoughts?  Or examples if such initiatives have been tried?

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Andrea Valentini
10 March 2015

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