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President Juncker's 2018 State of the Union address

President Jean-Claude Juncker has delivered his fourth and final State of the Union Address to the European Parliament in Strasbourg yesterday, on 12 September 2018. Against the backdrop of an ever more uncertain world, he stressed that Europe must be an active player, an architect of tomorrow's world.

One of the proposals put forward by the President Juncker was a new Alliance for Sustainable Investment and Jobs between Europe and Africa as part of a reinforced African Union – European Union Partnership.

This proposal aims to focus investment where it matters most: in skills and job creation. With EU financial support mobilised by 2020, the Alliance will lead to concrete results:

  • The EU will support an important African Union skills initiative, aimed at developing an African continental qualification framework.
  • 35,000 students and academics from Africa will benefit from Erasmus+ by 2020. A further 70,000 will benefit by 2027, reaching a total of 105,000 in ten years.
  • 750,000 people will receive vocational training for skills development.

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Elif Cavuslu
13 September 2018

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