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Elif Cavuslu shared information from the group Higher Education 7 August 2019

Job offer: Team Leader for the Higher Education Support Programme in Angola

I would appreciate if you could disseminate this position within your network:

Team Leader for the Higher Education Support Programme in Angola, funded by the European Union.

Elif Cavuslu posted Information 19 July 2019

The GEM Gender Report “Building bridges for gender equality” was issued this month. The 2019 Gender Report takes a snapshot of the progress on gender parity i

Elif Cavuslu posted Information 9 July 2019

Girls’ empowerment through education, skills building for the youth with quality and inclusive TVET and strengthening support to the education systems in Sahel countries were set as G7 priorities.

Elif Cavuslu posted Information 6 May 2019

The European Union will contribute to equal access to better quality education for all students, and assist the implementation of education reforms in Myanmar between 2019 and 2022.

Elif Cavuslu posted Information 29 March 2019

MEPs and MPs from African, Caribbean and Pacific countries discussed the future of the partnership and agreed to enhance support for education.

Elif Cavuslu posted Information 8 March 2019

Education Unit at DG DEVCO and Capacity4dev are launching "Thematic month: Education and development", presenting a series of articles, videos and discussions on the subject.

Elif Cavuslu posted Information 27 February 2019

NGOs are vital partners for the EU, as implementers of development assistance and as key development policy actors feeding discussions with innovative approaches. Dear partners from the civil society, share your projects and tell us where the EU support is most needed.

Elif Cavuslu posted Information 24 January 2019

The first-ever International Day of Education is celebrated on 24 January, with a focus on the role of education for peace and development

Elif Cavuslu posted Information 18 January 2019

Next week, two Europaid lunch time conferences will focus on interventions in education sector and schools: