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The World's Largest Lesson on the home stretch

Less than six weeks are left until the Global Goals for sustainable Development are launched at the United Nations. To celebrate this, the World’s Largest Lesson will take place in schools around the world. To prepare, a toolkit has been launched. The toolkit, available on provides communication tools and lessons plans until the full website is live on September 1st. These tools will help spread the word about the World’s Largest Lesson to schools and teachers, and enable children to join in this September. The toolkit will be updated as materials are finished - especially the draft press release for the launch on September 3rd. At the moment, the toolkit comprises:

  1. World’s Largest Lesson logos in English, French and Spanish and the new Global Goals for Sustainable Development icons and logo.
  2. A marketing toolkit containing template letter to send to schools, posters and leaflets.
  3. Social media tools, suggested tweets and posts to add to your social media feeds such as Facebook and Twitter.
  4. 10 lesson plans about the Global Goals. 

At the moment, these materials are all in English (except logos and suggested email). The translated lesson content (in 9 languages) will be available from September 1 at, in addition to a film, and a comic.

Further information is available via Twitter - follow @TheWorldsLesson or on and


Thanks for sharing this. 

The utility in education projects will depend also on the licensing schemes of the content. Open schemes would be prefered, yet the IPR terms on are as follows:

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My take: stay away from these people.

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Monica Dimitriu
19 August 2015

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