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josick van Dromme uploaded a new Document 19 May 2015

Article published in the European Commission magazine 'Commission en Direct' (April-May 2015 issue).

It deals with the impacts of livestock on climate and the environment, while proposing options to make a difference, at a public level and individually in our food choices.

Isabelle Denis uploaded a new Document 15 May 2015

This Manual contributes to FAO and the Global Strategy support to national processes towards improved agricultural and rural statistics.

From8 May 2015
in Rome (Italy)
Organised byFAO and the EU

In the lead up to this year’s landmark UN climate conference in Paris
(COP21) which aims to reach a new international agreement to keep global
warming below 2°C, senior representatives of the European Union and FAO are
meeting in Rome to discuss current challenges for agriculture and outline
work priorities for guaranteeing food security and healthy nutrition in a
changing environment. They will be joined by representatives of FAO member
states in a dialogue highlighting on-the-ground experiences and expectations
for the COP21 climate conference in December.

FAO and the EU, long-time partners, are strengthening communication and
collaboration [1] during 2015, a critical year for the sustainable
development agenda.

·The seminar is organised as part of celebrations of Europe Day, May 9, and
is among the events marking the 2015 European Year for Development.

·The events will be webcast, at *this* [2]address.

·On Twitter: @FAONews @FAOClimate #COP21


FAO Liaison Office Brussels uploaded a new Document 8 May 2015
From23 March 2015
Organised byEDD15 - Programme
From2 March 2015
in (Belgium)
Organised byEDD15 - Programme
Ella Nicolescu created a new WIKI page 23 February 2015
Antonia Sariyska uploaded a new Document 11 February 2015

Contacts to all stakeholders, who expressed an interest in organising a session at EDD15.

Updated: 26 February

Antonia Sariyska uploaded a new Document 3 February 2015

EDD15 first preparatory meeting took place on 2 February 2015 at the Committee of the Regions.

Please, find here the slides which were used during the meeting. For more information, please refer to the Community Guide.