Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) in the Southern Africa and Indian Ocean funded by ECHO

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The Use of Geographic Information Systems for Disaster Risk Reduction Programmes in Africa, SAIO

COOPI/Malawi/2010. The development of this manual is part of one of the activities of a Disaster Risk Reduction  project in Malawi, funded by DIPECHO and implemented by Cooperazione Internazionale, (COOPI). The purpose of this manual is to provide useful information, practical solutions and advice in  the implementation of Geographic Information System and other remote sensing instruments (RS),  such as satellite images and Global Positioning System (GPS), with reference to specific web sites, on  line sources, books, tutorials and other documents.  Specific focus is given to the use of GIS in Disaster Risk Reduction activities. GIS has been considered  a fundamental tool in order to act promptly in case of floods, earthquakes or other natural disasters by  enabling to use available spatial information. This information can be gathered through the  combination of traditional knowledge at ground level and remote sensing techniques. This could be particularly useful in projects run by governments, NGOs and other International Organizations

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7 May 2018

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