Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) in the Southern Africa and Indian Ocean funded by ECHO

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Toolbox and Manual, Mapping the vulnerability of communities, Examples from Buzi, Mozambique

COOPI/Z-GIS, Munich Re Foundation, INGC/Mozambique/2008. This documentation is the result of research work conducted in the project context of the establishment of a 'Community Based Early Warning System' at the Búzi River in Central Mozambique (SIDPABB). As the Early Warning System links directly to the preparedness phase within the disaster risk management cycle, the identification of vulnerabilities and its spatial occurrence should support the community and the disaster committees within activities linked to the mitigation and prevention phase at the community scale. The intention of this manual is to document the developed workflow and to allow the possibility to implement and transfer the developed approach in other areas of interest. The approach developed comprises different methods which are combined to facilitate the reduction of vulnerabilities at the local level. Therefore, where appropriate, reference is made to additional documents which elaborate specifically on certain issues and methods. The research and the development of this toolbox & Manual has been funded through the Munich Re Foundation and supported/jointly implemented through PRO-GRC and INGC. It has been compiled by: Stefan Kienberger, Centre for Geoinformatics, working colaboratively with Cooperazione Internazionale.ECHO/DIP/BUD/2010/04004

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13 March 2018

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