Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) in the Southern Africa and Indian Ocean funded by ECHO

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Techniques d’Irrigation pour les Agriculteurs à Petite Échelle Pratiques clés pour les praticiens de la RCC

FAO-COOPI-OCHA-UNHABITAT/SAIO/2014. This brief provides key practices for implementers and field staff engaged in various DRR and aid programmes as an initial introduction to the various irrigation techniques that have proved successful for small-scale farmers in southern Africa. Practical examples of common irrigation technologies are provided with relevant illustrations, design concepts, technical requirements, as well as common constraints experienced in the introduction of the technologies. An indication of investment and operational costs is also provided for each irrigation technique. Principles and key steps required in the field to ensure the successful introduction of irrigation techniques are provided with steps and procedures for field based implementation. These guidelines are based on extensive review of the successes and failures of irrigation techniques introduced under the Special Programme for Food Security (SPFS) 3 over a period of more than 15 years, mainly in Africa. These experiences demonstrate that the process of introducing and familiarizing farmers to the irrigation techniques from the planning phases is central to their success or failure. In this regard, due attention must to be given to the socioeconomic context, as well as the tools and practices, such as the farmer field school (FFS), to assist farmers in adopting and adjusting to new technologies. Access to credit and markets must also be carefully considered for the long-term viability of the technology. This brief is part of the series, A Field Guide for Disaster Risk Reduction in Southern Africa: Key Practices for DRR Implementers, coordinated by the FAO Sub regional Office for Disaster Risk Reduction/Management for Southern Africa. This series has been produced with contributions from COOPI, FAO, OCHA and UN-Habitat. This brief has been produced under the project “Regional Multi Regional DRR Assistance Programme for Southern Africa: Information Management and Health” ECHO/-SF/EDF/2012/01004

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27 July 2018

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