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Safe Hospitals: Key Practices for DRR Implementers

COOPI/Malawi-Madagascar/2014. This brief is part of the series, A Field Guide for Disaster Risk Reduction in Southern Africa: Key Practices for DRR Implementers, coordinated by the Food and Agriculture Organization FAO regional Office for Disaster Risk Reduction/Management for Southern Africa. The resource toolkit presented here provides support to DRR practitioners working in the health sector and particularly to those dealing with safety of health facilities. The toolkit provides guidelines and practical examples on the application of the hospital safety index, originally developed by the Pan American Health Organization and adapted to the context of the southern Africa region. In particular, the tool is based on the lesson learnt from COOPI’s three years of experience in using the index to assess safety of hospital and health centres in Malawi and Madagascar. The toolkit and the Hospital Safety Index adapted by COOPI to the
southern Africa region are also available at www.seadrr.org. In Salima district hospital and its network of health centres (Malawi) and in Vangaindrano Hopital Be (Madagascar) was promoted the concept of safe hospital by performing technical evaluations of the safety of the two hospitals and adapting the Safe Hospital Index (SHI) to the two contexts: Malawi and Madagascar.Generally, the SHI is a tool that helps organizations and hospitals in applying a precise methodology to evaluate the safety of a health facility.  ECHO/-SF/EDF/2012/01004, ECHO/DIP/BUD/2010/04004

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