Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) in the Southern Africa and Indian Ocean funded by ECHO

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Disaster Risk reduction for food nutrition and security, Key practices for DRR implementers

COOPI- FAO/SAIO/2014. This brief is part of the series, A Field Guide for Disaster Risk Reduction in Southern Africa: Key Practices for DRR Implementers, coordinated by the Food and Agriculture Organization FAO Subregional Office for Disaster Risk Reduction/Management for Southern Africa, with contributions from Cooperazione Internazionale, OCHA and UN-Habitat. This brief provides general understanding of what DRR and resilience is, what it means for the agricultural sectors in the southern African context, and what may help to build resilient livelihoods to threats and emergencies and ensure the food and nutrition security of the agriculture-dependent communities. It describes FAO’s Framework Programme and within this context provides overall information and technical recommendations, which can help field practitioners, government officers and non-governmental organizations, involved in the formulation or implementation of DRR projects and programmes in southern Africa. In particular, it may serve as a reference guide during the identification, formulation and planning of activities that aim to build resilient livelihoods in the agriculture, livestock, fisheries/aquaculture, forestry and natural resource management sectors in hazard-prone areas.ECHO/-SF/EDF/2012/01003

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