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EU - Argentina Civil Society Seminar on the promotion of social inclusion and fight against discrimination

3 December 2012, 0:00 to 4 December 2012, 0:00

Argentina and the EU have established a regular human rights dialogue. The III session of the EU –Argentina Human Rights dialogue took place on 19 April 2012 and both parties agreed that a seminar will be organized in 2012 to give continuity to one of the topics identified thereof: the fight against discrimination. Also to closely involve stakeholders in the official dialogue process. The seminar will be organised in the Argentine city of Córdoba and should serve as forum for exchange and learning between European and Argentine civil socity organisations. The conclusions should feed in future sessions of the bilateral dialogue.

If anyone interested in participating please do not hesitate to contact me ( for the agenda.The seminar will be held in Spanish and English.

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EU Delegation in Argentina & Argentine Foreign Affairs Ministry

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