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  1. Dimitrios Chaidas shared information from the group Public Group on Social Protection 23 November 2022
    Digitalisation is a facilitator of strong social protection systems. The information systems used by social protection programmes are an invaluable resource for monitoring, managing, and delivering social protection benefits and services to the public. When COVID-19 first struck, digital...
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  2. Information on recent EU developments on D4D

    Good morning all! Just trying to find out how active this group is. On behalf of my organisation (Akvo Foundation, www.akvo.org ) I am trying to find out what the current development are in Europe on digitalisation for development and especially ion the fourth pillar of the 2017 Staff Working...
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  3. Digital Connectivity: Prioritised in EU’s Global Gateway Strategy

    This article is also available in Frenc h and Spanish . The EU – the world’s leading development donor – builds its digitalisation 1 agenda on the successful work of development practitioners. The introduction and implementation of the EU’s Global Gateway strategy for international partnerships...
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  4. Paris Peace Forum 2020 Call for Projects

    With two successful editions, the Paris Peace Forum has established itself as an important event on global governance, with growing prestige, name recognition and the ability to attract political figures and forces from civil society around the world. The PPF long-term objective remains to be ‘the...
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  5. Smart Development Hack

    The Directorate-General for International Cooperation and Development of the European Commission, together with the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) as well as European tech companies, international development agencies and civil society launch a global...
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