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Bringing Policy Coherence for Development into the Post-2015 Agenda – Challenges and Prospects

The underlying ideas and principles of the concept of ‘Policy Coherence for Development’ (PCD) are relevant for post-2015 discussions. Yet, conceptual and political challenges exist when promoting the PCD concept as developed in the OECD and the EU as a universal concept in the global discussions. Various ideas and principles of PCD can be mainstreamed in the post-2015 framework without using strong PCD jargon. These include targets for means of Implementation in thematic areas, targets in relation to capacity building for more integrated and evidence-based policy-making and efforts to build a strong accountability framework. Independent from whether a universal PCD concept will explicitly be part of the language of a new framework, real progress on PCD will have to remain a major, if not the most, important component of OECD and EU Member State action in achievement of post-2015 commitments, writes ECDPM’s Anna Knoll.

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Rhys Williams
10 June 2014

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