TAP/FAO (Tropical Agriculture Platform)

TAP-FAO : Developing capacities in agricultural innovation systems: scaling up the Tropical Agriculture Platform Framework

Objective of the project

To strengthen capacity to innovate in national Agricultural Innovation Systems (AIS) in the context of climate-relevant, productive, and sustainable transformation of agriculture and food systems.  The project will facilitate the Tropical Agriculture Platform (TAP) at the global level,  strengthen regional and sub-regional organizations’ capacity to analyse and strengthen AIS at the regional level and will strengthen capacity to innovate in nine countries (five in Africa, three in Asia and one in Latin America).

Implementing organization


  • Global (for TAP related work)
  • Africa: Burkina Faso, Eritrea, Malawi, Rwanda, Senegal
  • Asia: Cambodia, Laos, Pakistan
  • Latin America: Colombia

Funding and co-funding

Total budget: € 5,000,000


60 months (July 2019- July 2024)

Web site



Examples of TAP-AIS in Senegal





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30 July 2021

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