SAFEVEG West Africa

SAFEVEG, Safe locally-produced vegetables for West Africa’s consumers   

Objectives of the project: SAFEVEG aims to pilot and scale innovative approaches to improve the functioning of vegetable value chains through strengthening the relationships among value chain actors, and increase the production and consumption of safe vegetables, leading to better nutrition and more jobs, especially for women and youth in West Africa.

Implementing organization : World Vegetable Center (WorldVeg)

Localisation: Benin, Burkina Faso, Mali with potential scaling to other ECOWAS countries.

Funding and co-funding: EU contribution: € 8 M ; Netherlands contribution: € 3.97 M; Total: € 11.97 M

Duration: Start: November 1, 2020 ; End: October 31, 2025

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15 February 2021

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