RAIZ: Resilience Building through Agroecological Intensification in Zimbabwe        

Objectives of the Project: The overall objective is to develop and implement in Zimbabwe scientifically tested agroecological approaches to enhance agricultural production and resilience to climate change, while protecting the environment and reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. We will provide scientific evidence and support innovation for designing Climate-Smart Agriculture (CSA) at the plot, farm and landscape levels, contextualized for mixed crop-livestock farms under sub-humid to semi-arid environments.

Implementing organization : CIRAD

Localisation : Zimbabwe


Funding and co-funding:

European Commission : 3 320 000 Euros

co-funding from CIRAD : 900 000 Euros including 150 000 in PhD Thesis scholarships

Duration: 4 years starting in January 2022 and ending in December 2025


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28 September 2022

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