Malmon Mangrove Guinea

Malmon Guinea Bissau : Mangroves, mangrove rice and mangrove people - sustainably improving rice production, ecosystems and livelihood

Objective of the project

To contribute to poverty and hunger eradication and green growth in an inclusive and ecologically-sustainable way, through the transformation of agricultural and food systems in Guinea-Bissau— particularly those associated with mangrove swamp rice cultivation — and through the strengthening of researchers’ and farmers' skills in the development and dissemination of innovations. More broadly the project aim at developing a sustainable Agricultural Knowledge and Innovation System (AKIS) towards resilience to political instability and economic crisis.

Implementing organization

ISA – University of Lisbon


Guinea Bissau

Funding and co-funding

Total budget: € 3,000,000


five (5) years: January 2020 - December 2024



Particpatory clip :


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9 January 2023

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